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Journey Music is home to a stable of songwriters, producers, and artists. With a growing roster of both established and emerging talent, JM has expanded into publishing within the Caribbean market as a force to be reckoned with. Journey Music Publishing (JMP) strives for excellence in the pursuit of today’s most talented artist from a variety of genres in the Caribbean markets that not only reflect great songwriting but more importantly a storyteller’s legacy. JM has expanded to not only work with legendary artists and their catalogs but looks toward the future, focusing on integrating all aspects of creative acts – old and new – and leaving their thumbprint on culture and creative opportunities throughout the world.  JMP prides itself on providing the personal attention to all of their writers, producers, and artists.

It’s one thing to put out music, but it’s another to make sure you are benefiting monetarily from all the work and effort you put into your craft. JM works makes sure all facets of your music is handled properly. This includes makings sure the process & organizational infrastructure for mechanical and sync license data is current, there are updated publishing splits, conduct internet research on recordings and more… JM job is to make sure your publishing collection strategy is in place and well protected.

JM assist artists, writers, and producers on their Journey finding and partnering with the proper licensing companies. JM will serve as the bridge to the businesses and organizations that manage and administer those songs. Whether it’s a global leader in music rights management like BMI which serves as an advocate for the value of music, representing nearly 13 million musical works created and owned by more than 800,000 songwriters, composers, and music publishers, or ASCAP who is a membership association of more than 660,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers. JM is here to uphold the value of our clients’ music and help them on the “Journey” towards the businesses that use music every day.

Types of Licenses

  • • A synchronization license is needed to synchronize music with a video image. This license is also called a “sync license.” You would need to secure a sync license to use a Journey Music copyright in Film, TV, Commercials, Video/DVD, Video games, Trailers/Promos, etc.
  • • A mechanical license is needed if you want to record and distribute a Journey Music copyright on either a physical album (CD, cassette, vinyl, etc.) or via digital delivery.
  • • A live stage production license is needed if you would like to use a Journey Music copyright in a live stage production.
  • • A derivative work license is needed for Samples, Translations, Parodies, and all other proposed Derivative Works using Journey Music copyrights.
  • • A derivative work license will only be issued after Journey Music receives and reviews audio of the proposed derivative work. In other words, you need permission from us to create a derivative work.
  • • A master use license is required, in addition to the license from Journey Music if you wish to use an original/master recording of a song. The owner of such recording is usually the record label.  We will be pleased to work with prospective licensees of Journey Music compositions to help arrange for master use licenses.

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