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Journey Music Records was born in 2018 with a goal of releasing timeless and genuine music in the spirit of the Caribbean. JM and has a keen interest in discovering and signing some of the best new artists, all while building on the careers of an established artist and their catalogs. We identify and develop recording artists and songwriters, and we produce, distribute and promote all types of genres that originated for the heart and soul of the Caribbean market.

Why is Digital distribution so crucial for the artist in today’s world? What is the goal of music promotion? It’s to get your album, EP, or single in front of as many people as possible! What is the purpose of digital distribution? It’s to sell as many records as possible and rake in cash! I’m sorry to say that’s not the answer, and indie musicians should think of distribution the same way you feel about marketing. A way to get your music in front of as many fans as possible. What does this mean to you? Put your music on every radio station, streaming site, and digital music retailer you can. You want your album to be easily discoverable to people who like your genre. Don’t worry about selling a bunch of records or getting on the Billboard charts. You want to gain real fans and have your music playing on every platform across the globe. Being on all platforms is much more valuable than $1,000.00 of royalties. Journey Music offers independent distribution and label services, Journey partners with the industry leaders to reach digital and physical retailers worldwide. Journey’s partners with those specialized in marketing, advertising, sync licensing, video monetization, performance rights services and more.  JM empowers artists under our brand to connect with fans, companies, and organization across the globe.

With our Promotional Services, we work from a multi-dimensional perspective with a detailed release strategy to help elevate your vision and execute a plan not just for a local level but a global reach so the world can hear your music. Our relationships with experts throughout all genres and divisions of music will create a clear map for the “Journey” ahead. We start with comprehensive PR plans that include, bios, press release, branding content and more.  We also work by getting you featured online and offline, our social media experts grow your fanbase and drive sales while our promo team ensures you get the great featured placement on iTunes, Spotify, and VEVO. We also work with our personally cultivated DJ’s and Radio Programmers throughout the world to pitch and expose your music in areas that usually would not have gotten attention.

In the new structure of music, 150 streams of a song equal one paid download, and ten paid downloads equate to an album download. This means, an artist’s music will have to be streamed on any of the approved digital sales sites, included services 1,500 times for an album “sale” to be counted.”

There are several dozen services that are part of this methodology, and there are also many different types of services. This includes but not limited to video platforms (like YouTube), as well as on-demand sites (such as Spotify and the like). JM  goal is to make sense of this and to help stay focus on directing and accomplishing the goal of your career. One cannot do this unless you understand how to turn music into sales and sales into revenue.


Brand development is a critical element of any marketing strategy. As an indie musician, your artist brand includes everything that helps you maintain a unique position in the market.

This includes your:

  • Artist/band name
  • Artist logo
  • Image (dress, graphic art style)
  • Musical sound
  • Color palette
  • Community outreach and interaction
  • Live performance

Your artist brand is not at odds with your artistry; on the contrary, your artist brand should reflect the genuine approach you take to your art, your community interaction, your live show, and your message. As an indie musician, your artist brand is the approach you take to every aspect of your career and the way you present yourself to the market and your fans.


It is essential to reinforce and nurture your brand through your online presence once it has been established.  With all the social media chaos and clutter, you need to make it easier for your dedicated fans to find and engage with you. Given that your artist brand can be anything that makes you stand out, JM is there to help you focus your online presence with your unique voice and style. JM musicians have leveraged social media to develop their brand further and make it easier for their fans to seek you out, engage, and deepen their connection.

Journey Music provides detailed reporting which eliminates complexity. Remove reporting bottlenecks. Ensure all revenue data is correctly matched against your catalog assets and attributed to the proper rights holders. Our partnerships with the top companies in the industry provide a unified dashboard to see all revenue reports. Complete flexibility in querying and filtering reports from all sources, by date, payments, and territory. JM will always provide the artist with all of their sales and streaming data anytime as it is essential that as an artist you understand every aspect of your art.

Many new and independent artists know that live performance and touring is a significant revenue stream and a way to connect with their fans from around the world. Our clients can benefit from our relationships with agents and promoters from around the world and can benefit from the assistance of a well-coordinated team to advance their performances. From the artist technical riders and travel logistics, Journey Music is there to help.

Digital rights refer to the relationship between copyrighted digital works (such as film, music, and art) and user permissions and rights related to computers, networks and electronic devices. Digital rights also refer to the access and control of digital information. Journey Music works with the industry leading Digital Right Attorneys and DRM’s (Digital Rights’ Managers) that provides intellectual property (IP) protection. Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology controls how digital information resources, including media, can be accessed, copied, distributed, reformatted, or otherwise changed. JM goal is to halt copyright violations of music, films, TV shows, PC games and similar Internet entertainment for Caribbean artist catalog which is being utilized throughout the world without their permission.


Journey Music provides services in the areas of brand development. We have access to a wide range of market trend information and conduct business with a multitude of clients from many different industries that is unique to each artist, writer, and producer. This allows us to apply our knowledge and accumulated experience to ensure your project is delivered with the messaging and professionalism your image and music deserves.

Cover Art

As the laws of physics suggest, you’ll see things before you hear them. That’s no different when it comes to listening to an album or song, as more often than not before you press play, the first thing that will catch your attention, is the accompanying cover art.  Journey Music believes that cover art is as relevant as the music itself. Some of the greatest songs in the world are completed with the most iconic displays of cover art. JM creates precisely this for our clients. Each one uniquely made to reflect the essence and image of the artist.  Whether for you for your albums, singles, EP, podcast, or visual projects, JM makes sure our clients brand is represented not just musically but with visually as well.


Working with experienced music photographers is essential. This doesn’t mean the most popular or expensive photographer, and it means the most creative. A good photographer must connect energetically with the artist to pull out the best looks and shoots for the artist and the direction of the brand. JM works with a variety of these experienced photographers.  Whether it’s a shoot for a press, digital, live performances or album, single or EP releases, JM matches our clients with photographers that see beyond what is in front of them; they see the horizon of what is to come.


It is essential to understand that even the most original and brilliant music can go undiscovered if merely put on the web with the hope for views. This is where visuals come into play. The collision of the music world and the visual world has never been more relevant. You can often tell more about an artist from the first ten seconds of a music video than you can from listening to the entire song for the first time. The saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words” certainly applies to music videos and visual content of an artist.  Upon seeing an artist: how they portray themselves, how they walk, and what they wear, you can gain immediate insight into what they are all about. The success of an artist’s brand depends a great deal on the visuals they attach to themselves. Music videos are most important, but viral content can be beneficial as well. JM has partnered with videographers that understand the importance of this and that see the clear vision. Whether its music video, digital content, BTS footage and more, JM intergrade visuals that will connect your music and image with people from all walks of life.

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