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5 of Spotify’s biggest imminent challenges in 2019

In many ways, Spotify enjoyed a spectacular end to 2018. The company finished the year with its first ever quarterly operating profit – €94m ($107 million) — something that challenged many of the long-term naysayers about its business model. In addition, amid its year-end financial-results announcement, Spotify confirmed that it was set to spend between...

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Spotify still pays artists out of one big ‘pot’. Should the company change its policy?

“Got paid £8 for 90,000 plays. Fuck Spotify.” British electronic-music pioneer Jon Hopkins, writing on Twitter back in 2011, is definitely responsible for the most succinct public attack on the world’s biggest music subscription service. The most memorable attack, however, undoubtedly came from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. Five years ago, Yorke told Mexican publication Sopitas of...

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Watch out Billboard: Variety and Rolling Stone owner buys into Nielsen rival BuzzAngle for ‘aggressive’ music charts push

The US music charts might be set for a major shake-up. The Stateside industry has traditionally always turned to Billboard’s historic sales-counters – including the Billboard Hot 100 (singles) and the Billboard 200 (albums) – for its weekly sales rankings. The data for these charts is provided by Nielsen Music, under a long-standing and exclusive...

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