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Mark Mulligan

The global recorded music business is on course to top $20bn in annual revenues in 2019 – but it can’t over-rely on the USA

The global recorded music industry will turn over $18.9bn in 2018, with streaming making up 50.8% ($9.6bn) of the total. That’s according to Midia Research, which today (December 18) published its projected 2018 figures, based on a combination of major label revenue reports to date, plus stats from industry organizations and confidential data from DIY...

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Spotify ‘doing a Netflix’: is Daniel Ek’s platform already too big for the labels to stop it?

The following article comes from Midia Research founder and respected industry analyst, Mark Mulligan. After witnessing an increasing encroachment from Spotify into the traditional territory of major and independent labels of late, Mulligan (pictured inset) ponders whether those rights-holders now need Spotify so much, their power to prevent the service from becoming a ‘label’ is...

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