IT has been a decade since deejay Samboni began pursuing music professionally. He finally hit pay dirt last year with the song Nah Go Home .

Co-produced by Stainy Productions and Dane Ray, Nah Go Home is a tribute to hardcore party animals. Samboni says the song is not only making an impact locally, but overseas as well.

“Every day I get a call about the song from persons overseas who tell me how it is big in the dance. I get videos from dancers who are dancing to the song at parties. The reception has been very good,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Samboni (given name Casey Bernard) is originally from Westmoreland. His father is Daniel Bernard, a singer from the 1970s who sang with the group Jah Axis.

“From an early age I was influenced by music. I used to listen to my father and that’s really where the influence came from,” he said.

Samboni made his recording debut in 2009 with the song Throw Your Hands Up for producer Warren “Whiskey” Davis. He savoured the experience and was encouraged to continue recording.

As he basks in the success of Nah Go Home, Samboni is working on a follow-up single.

“It’s a real accomplishment for me, seeing that what we sing in Jamaica goes all around the world. I’ve recorded a follow-up song for a producer from Sweden, called Deh Deh. We are planning to release that towards the end of January,” he said.

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