Comedy veterans Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley and duo Ity and Fancy Cat were the highlights of the inaugural Legacy Comedy and Music Show. Organised by up and coming artiste, Kurt Legacy, the event may not have pulled the large crowd anticipated, but the handful of guests got their money’s worth.

Held on Saturday night on the lawns of Devon House, Hope Road, St. Andrew, the show boasted an all-inclusive atmosphere as food and drinks were served to patrons throughout the night. The show got off to a late start and patrons used the time to fill up on servings of jerked chicken, sweet and sour chicken, sweet and sour fish, fried rice and steamed vegetables. They also kept the bars busy, as mixed drinks were served up all night.

The show got off to a slow start as Instagram comedian, Deno Crazy had some difficulties connecting with the audience. His punchlines at the beginning were slow in coming, but his act improved as he got settled. He managed to gain a few laughs from the crowd, which was beginning to grow a little restless. Deno Crazy ended his set on a better note than he started and earned a round of applause. He was commended by international comedian and the night’s emcee, Majah Hype, for sticking to his guns, even with a tough crowd. Hype encouraged the youngster to continue honing his skills, as comedy is not an easy profession and is particularly hard when one is trying to make the transition from IG comedian to stand-up comedy. Deno Crazy was invited back to the stage for the audience to applaud him again for his efforts.

Experience ruled the night after that, as the veterans took the show to the next level. Johnny had the crowd laughing to tears from start to finish. Former Miss World turned Member of Parliament, Lisa Hanna, could not contain herself, holding her belly a few times as the jokes became intense. Commending Deno Crazy, Daley opened by pointing out that he didn’t always have his act together. He shared that he wad bottled a few times as he jokes failed to connect. He then went straight into his set, giving patrons a look into his love life. Encouraging men and women to avoid letting their relationships get monotonous, Daley implored women to spice things up by role playing and giving their men a different woman every night. He also implored men to please their women in every way possible, even if it means partaking in taboo activities. His set left the audience wanting more.

Ity and Fancy Cat also delivered an entertaining set. Joke after joke, they proved why they have remained among the kings of comedy in Jamaica. The duo effortlessly solicited laughs from every member of the audience as they touched on topics from politics to crime to relationships.

Music and dance were infused into the inaugural event. Organiser Kurt Legacy and Miami-based artiste Kyapi offered up the evening’s musical selections. Though the acts are fairly new to the local entertainment space, they held their own and received good feedback from the crowd. They brought the curtains down on the evening’s proceedings, with Mr. Legacy thanking patrons for supporting him on his first event as a promoter.


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